MKD is proud to be accredited to the Retail Logistics Supply Chain Code of Practice.

The Code was developed by ALC in conjunction with a group of senior representatives from the retail, transport and logistics industries.

The ten-point code supports a clear chain of responsibility in freight logistics, which involves all parties in the operation from the supplier and retailer to the carrier and logistics provider. In setting clear operational and administrative guidelines for compliance with the spirit and letter of law, the code recognises the importance of public safety and amenity in retail logistics operations.

While the Code is voluntary and applies only to signatories, it will be a requirement of doing business with the major retailers. It reinforces minimum levels of behaviour to help those in the RLSC manage their obligations under relevant road transport and occupational health and safety laws.


The RLSC Audit Tool covers 10 Key Elements:

1. Legal Compliance and CoR;
2. OH&S Risk Assessment & Compliance;
3. Fatigue Management (Scheduling, Time-Slot Flexibility, Waiting Time, Queuing, Loading & Unloading);
4. Communications;
5. Safe Loads Preparation, Restraint & Containment, Mass, Container Weight Declarations & Dangerous Goods;
6. Speed Management;
7. Equipment;
8. Driver Health/Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace;
9. Sub-contractor Assessments; and
10. Operational Infrastructures.